ohio user group brainstormingThe Ohio User Group gathered virtually for its inaugural meeting on Wednesday, April 29, 2020. It was a great day of learning and sharing for all who attended. The intent of User Groups is for regionally-aligned customers to develop relationships with one another and to extend their network. Both goals were accomplished as attendees shared their tips, tricks and pain points around using Configure One. One of the attendees from the waste processing equipment industry did a phenomenal job demonstrating her company’s Configure One CPQ implementation in our Customer Showcase, which led to a robust discussion on several implementation topics, including filters, drivens and ways to troubleshoot both.

As in previous virtual User Group Meetings, we leveraged polling throughout. Attendees found the Customer Showcase and the discussion around user adoption to be of great value. As far as newer V11 features, participants are looking most forward to using Configure One’s bulk edit and upload manager functionality. Regarding customer engagement with Configure One, attendees are looking forward to using the Answer Bot feature when filing Help Center tickets and to attending future User Group meetings. Several enhancement ideas surfaced for us to consider, and the product development team is already providing some analysis for some of those ideas. All in all, this group got stronger as the day went along and ended with terrific customer-to-customer conversations.

Thank you to all attendees for making this a success! Please contact Configure One if you are interested in joining one of our regional User Groups.