Building smart solutions for manufacturing companies, Sweden-based Cadcraft recently signed on with Configure One to join the many other businesses now taking advantage of Configure One’s innovative CPQ platform.

Building smart solutions for manufacturing companies, Sweden-based Cadcraft recently signed on as a re-seller with Configure One to join the many other businesses now taking advantage of Configure One’s innovative CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) platform.

”We see a great fit for Configure One as a high-end CPQ tool,” a company spokesperson said. ”Today we have five consultants working full time with configuration tools.”

”Historically we have been successful in manufacturing design but lately we have been growing in building as well,” said company spokesman Mattias Jernstrom, who serves as operations manager.

Cadcraft hopes to use Configure One’s tools to function either alongside its current product configurator solution or independently — interlocking or supplementing — and staying current with customer demand from either angle.

Depending on customer demand, Cadcraft can offer an integrated dual-platform solution or an independent product — hence keeping their options open and appealing to a wider base.

Serving several multinational customers from its home office in Sweden, Cadcraft itself operates 12 international offices, to include Holmestrand, Norway.

”All our sellers should be able to ’catch’ CPQ opportunities, but to close the deal we have two specially trained key account managers,” Jernstrom said. ”Some of our customers are equipment builders, and we see a fit for a CPQ solution if they have some kind of configurable base in their product.”

Cadcraft’s customer base derives mostly from southern Sweden. While the company typically serves small to medium-sized businesses in the manufacturing segment, there are also large firms in its customer base. As far as end users who stand to benefit from the investment, Cadcraft lists many Swedish clients that enjoy high global visibility — particularly in the automotive industry, such as Volvo and Saab.

Regarding their progress in the Configure One implementation, Jernstrom shared that Cadcraft has “some interesting leads,” adding that the firm has complemented the demo environment with their own examples. As far as advantages that Cadcraft expects their clients to gain, Jernstrom indicated that the main driver is to obtain validated data and shortened lead time.

Cadcraft came by the opportunity to vend Configure One’s signature product early on in Configure One’s history. Jernstrom traced the evolution of Cadcraft’s relationship with Configure One and its helpfulness in guiding his firm through the process of integration.

“We have an extensive experience in product configuration but often this solution is to serve our customers’ own production,” he said. “We [maintained a] dialog with Configure One; we really like Configure One’s staff in U.K., and they have been really helpful to get us onboard.”

Acknowledging that it’s still early days, Jernstrom indicated optimism regarding full implementation of Configure One’s CPQ platform.

“We know by our own experience that it takes time to sell configuration solutions, we have some interesting opportunities and hope that we soon will have our first CPQ customer.”

“When it comes to [delivering] the solution, we are ready,” he said. The company has “a competent CPQ-consultant” in Michael Johansson, who joined Cadcraft 1½  years ago and supports Configure One’s software. Johansson has almost 20 years of experience in other CPQ tools.

“We really think Configure One fits well into our portfolio, but also in our mission: to help our customer to be more competitive,” Jernstrom said.

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