Configure One is pleased to announce the 11.88 release of their CPQ software! This release represents a major step forward that includes a brand-new query API and authentication service, as well as an interactive 3D viewer for CAD models and much more. “Having the ability to visualize data quickly and integrate into other business systems, intuitively is key. I am excited for the release of version 11.88 that not only accomplishes that but also brings a whole new look and feel to take our customers’ implementation and experience into the future,” said Kiana Mostajabian, Product Owner.

Configure One Authentication Service

authentication service imageThe Configure One Authentication Service now handles user login and authentication. This new service brings improved security with greater control over the login process and registration of new users.

It provides a unified solution that makes it easier to set up external authentication and single sign-on (SSO) with Configure One using LDAP, Active Directory, or third-party identity providers with out of the box support for standard protocols such as SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, and OpenID Connect.

Check out the Getting Started guide (login required) in the help center for more details.

New Login and Registration Pages

With the new Authentication Service comes brand new separate login and registration pages with an enhanced look and feel. Custom styling for the login and registration pages can be handled through our easy to use admin interface by simply checking a box.

Next Generation UI Theme

Get a sneak peek at the future of Configure One’s user interface design with the 2020 theme! This theme is more than just a fresh coat of paint, it incorporates hundreds of hours of user testing and feedback. It’s easier than ever to make broad style changes to fit with your company branding.

2020 theme image

GraphQL Query API

Meet the new Configure One GraphQL Query API; all the power you want, in one simple interface! GraphQL is the next generation of API standards for web applications. We are the first in the industry to adapt this technology and make it available to our customers. Our Query API gives you the power to get the exact data you need, when you need it.

GraphQL Query API image

Unlike other APIs, GraphQL allows you to define the structure of the data you are looking for and returns exactly what you need through a single request, enabling better performance and scalability. GraphQL provides access to all of the same data you can currently access through the Configure One interface, giving you the freedom to visualize and integrate your data how you see fit.

You can use The Configure One GraphQL Query API to visualize your data by building business-specific reports and dashboards, or you can use it to pull the data you want to create new applications. A browser-based interface allows you to visualize the API documentation and all available options while developing queries that fit your business requirements.

Check out to learn more about this technology.

Interactive 3D CAD Viewer

Lightweight 3D models from PTC Creo can now be rendered in your browser within configuration results. Users can zoom, pan, and rotate the configured model exported from Creo.

CAD viewer image

“We strive to consistently Exceed Expectations, and I believe this release certainly accomplishes that,” said Mick McDonnell, VP of Product Development. “Our customers now have access to the next-generation of web-based data exchange via GraphQL, and a new user interface that is designed to make users more productive and to become experts with the software more quickly”, said McDonnell.