September, 2019 (CHICAGO) — We are pleased to announce that we have officially launched the Configure One Community Forum! This website provides our customers with a platform to communicate, collaborate, and share their experiences with other customers within our application ecosystem. In addition to these collaboration features, the community forum also allows customers to submit, view, and provide feedback on new feature requests. This is effectively a direct line of feedback to the Configure One product management team.

Customers can now also use the community forum to view topics of interest such as past CPQ Talks and Configure One news. “We have invited our customer users to join the Community, and will expand our membership in the community going forward. In turn, those already invited have created more discussion threads and comments than we anticipated,” said Dan Howe, Vice President of Professional Services. “We shouldn’t be surprised given that the creation of the Configure One community forum was a direct result of feedback from our Customer Advisory Board.”

This is yet another example of the value customers receive in partnering with Configure One. Not only do they get great technology and a trusted partner committed to their success, now they can also leverage our broad customer base for ideas and inspiration.