With its mantra of “do more with less,” Louisville-based Advanced Solutions has its eye on creating efficiencies for its customers, according to Eric Strassheim, the firm’s vice president of sales.

The upside of this mission statement for customers is that Advanced Solutions helps its clients evaluate their processes to eliminate repetitive steps. That philosophy forms the basis of the software engineering services it offers companies in the biomedical, architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing and other industries throughout North America.

As a reseller of Autodesk and its software products, Advanced Solutions was looking for a partnership that would allow it to create an interface for its customers with easy optimization of products and generation of sales orders. This drove the company to strike an agreement as the first North
American partner for Configure One, a leading developer of configure-price-quote software.

Strassheim said the two companies were former competitors, but decided to join forces after developing mutual appreciation during joint projects with Autodesk.

“We just thought they had a fantastic solution and leadership team, and all that came together,” Strassheim said. “We got the two leadership teams together and we found there was a a lot in common between the companies. Specifically, the methodologies we both use and the care we take in making sure customers are successful are similar.”

In Configure One, the Advanced Solutions team saw a business partner that had real staying power in
the marketplace, something Strassheim said is a rare commodity.

“Some of these CPQ and automation companies are great for a few years and then just disappear,” he said. “But Configure One has not only been a consistent presence, but they also offer a great foundation in their software that allows them to be flexible in working in many different fields.”

One application being developed is a 3D printer that potentially can print bio-identical organs for patients who need transplants, Strassheim said. Although the project is in its infancy, the printer can be endlessly customized for its buyers using the Configure One CPQ solution.

“Our company mission is to help our customers be really successful,” Strassheim said. “So we have
been trained to go out and sell and deliver these solutions from Configure One, which have been indemand among our clients. This partnership will help us serve our customers better.”

About Configure One
Configure One is a leading provider of web-based product configurator and CPQ (configure price quote) software. Configure One’s Enterprise Product Configurator® is an enterprise CPQ application that enables companies to efficiently sell and process orders for configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services. Configure One’s customers can increase revenues while reducing costs by automating much of the sales, order entry, and engineering processes. Customers include industry leaders such as Alstom, Vertiv, Dover Corporation, Masonite Corporation, Otis Elevator, SPX Corporation, Stanley Black & Decker, and Sumitomo.