Oracle NetSuite’s SuiteWorld Conference will educate participants, facilitate links to resources and provide networking opportunities during its three-day SuiteWorld18 event April 23-26 in Las Vegas. In order to best serve existing and joint customers, Configure One will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the event.

Oracle NetSuite’s SuiteWorld Conference will educate participants, facilitate links to resources and provide networking opportunities during its three-day SuiteWorld18 event April 23-26 in Las Vegas. In order to best serve existing and joint customers, Configure One will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the event.

As a global innovator in configure-price-quote (CPQ) systems, Configure One continues its longtime affiliation with Oracle NetSuite at this major industry summit — organized by Oracle Corp. and slated for Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas.

SuiteWorld18 is billed as the year’s No. 1 cloud ERP conference and the world’s largest gathering of Oracle NetSuite users — not to mention a plethora of prospective customers, partners, developers, members of the media, industry experts, and employees all under one roof.

Configure One joins other sponsors, emerging partners and exhibitors at this major industry event that’s expected to attract over 7,500 individuals. Configure One has sponsored this conference since the event’s 2010 inception, partnering with Oracle and NetSuite leaders to present the latest in products, services and concepts for a wide range of industries.

Business development manager Preston Stewart recently offered some insight into Configure One’s commitment to again serve as a Silver sponsor for this occasion, noting the company has previously served as a sponsor and maintains a visible, advantageous presence.

“NetSuite is an important part of our business; it gives us an opportunity to present to an audience [in real time],” Stewart said.

Configure One representatives will offer short sessions during SuiteWorld18 to demonstrate products, dispatching four employees to helm its exhibitor booth in the Expo Hall: David Ray, Director of Enterprise Solutions; Austin Roche, Director for Europe, Middle East and Asia Operations; Chris DiEllo, Director of Global Sales, and Randall Olson, Senior NetSuite Integration Specialist.

Stewart also explained that Configure One and NetSuite’s unique partnership ensures interactive success between the two companies’ product offerings, with translatable features and functions.

“Configure One CPQ is certified ‘Built for NetSuite’,” Stewart said. “This is an ongoing program to ensure NetSuite partner solutions meet the same level of standards for security, data privacy and overall quality as the solutions offered by NetSuite.”

Moreover, Configure One’s partnership scope is not limited to the U.S.

“Configure One works with NetSuite customers in the North American, European and Asia/Pacific regions,” he said.

Interestingly, a “vast majority” of Configure One clients represent the industrial sector, which is how the company’s focus on CPQ systems targeted for the manufacturing industry evolved naturally.

“We have worked with other industries and product types, and where we’ve really become proficient is manufacturing,” Stewart said, adding that the scope became clear over time as Configure One developed the business for 18 years, tuning in to market needs as well as customer feedback.

Within an increasingly virtual marketplace where vendors sell software, applications, programs and cloud-based services, Configure One stands out by supporting makers of tangible products.

To present its services in real time at the firm’s SuiteWorld18 booth, Configure One will display screenshots and other visual aids depicting nuts and bolts for potential customers to recognize such as building materials, routings and engineering drawings.

Configure One customers range from energy companies, such as solar power groups and utilities, to manufacturers of security products and elevator equipment; large vehicle and highway equipment makers; industrial tool, hardware and HVAC companies; millwork specialists, and landscape architects.

Not only does Configure One offer its CPQ package, but it also provides customer service. Every sale is supported down the line by Configure One employees with consulting services. As a product is built out, Configure One will assign each client a dedicated project manager as a first point of contact to whom the customer can turn for guidance as they become familiar with the new system.

Three main reasons spur Configure One to participate as a sponsor, Stewart noted. First, to increase business by finding new customers to introduce to CPQ products. Second, to grow Configure One’s relationship with NetSuite, including knowing what direction NetSuite is taking. Third, to ensure Configure One attains the right information and the right products for those joint customers who use both entities.

To that end, Oracle/NetSuite and Configure One actually share clients, but non-competitively. While certain customers purchase products from both companies, the products are both distinct and compatible, presenting no conflict of interest.

“They are not the same product but they work well side by side,” Stewart said, noting that it benefits both businesses to mutually support a shared clientele.

Interactive capacity is the key to Configure One’s success — making sure that its products perform seamlessly between one system and another. Data stored in NetSuite, for example, can be pulled over by Configure One for subsequent integration into a company’s internal workflow.

“By staying ahead of the curve, we will continue to grow as we acquire new business,” said Stewart, adding that keeping on top of trends will serve to reinforce existing client relationships as well as gain access to new clients.

Configure One became a NetSuite partner in 2007, well before SuiteWorld’s premiere, and database leader Oracle purchased NetSuite in late 2016. NetSuite is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) outfit; companies will use Configure One right alongside NetSuite, Stewart said. And since NetSuite is considered the No. 1 cloud ERP provider, the alliance is a win-win for both entities.

“Now in its eighth year, SuiteWorld brings the Oracle NetSuite ecosystem together in one place to learn, share and grow over four exciting days,” officials on NetSuite’s website said. “SuiteWorld is NetSuite’s annual celebration of customers and partners who run remarkable businesses through the power of the NetSuite platform.”

Configure One maintains offices worldwide with headquarters located both in Harlow, U.K. and Oak Brook, Illinois.