Many businesses have to take new approaches to their business model to stay viable in a competitive market and set themselves apart from the rest of the pack. For those in the manufacturing field, one solution is CPQ software. CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) allows you to create a fully customized product for a client.

Configure One offers a three-pronged CPQ solution featuring the technology, support, and community you need to make your business thrive in today’s economy.


The first component of our CPQ solution is the centerpiece of your business needs: Configure One’s state-of-the-art software. With our CPQ software, businesses can manufacture products that meet their customers’ precise needs while speeding up the entire quote-to-production process.

CPQ top 10 guide download buttonWhile every manufacturing company is slightly different, a traditional process would work like this: A customer calls the sales department of the manufacturer and asks for a specific product to be made. The sales associate captures the requirements and then sends them to the engineering department to determine if it is even feasible to make such a product with the desired options.

Engineering then works to create a bill of material (BOM), including all the items needed to make the product. The BOM helps calculate the cost of manufacturing. From this, a quote is generated, deriving the price to ensure profit for the manufacturer. Without CPQ software, if any part of this process requires a change along the way, such as the customer wanting a different material or size, then the process has to begin anew. This could mean weeks of back-and-forth before manufacturing can begin.

technology solutionWith CPQ software, the entire process is streamlined and optimized. The software can be set up to control which product options are compatible and generates a bill of material instantly. That way, when a customer wants a specific product, the sales associate can enter the specs into the software and provide a quote in just minutes instead of days. The software also allows for full mock-ups of the product to be created, including 3D models that can be used as a sales collateral and for customer approval. Furthermore, when the customer places the order, the quote is converted to an order and the BOM, along with the other order-supporting data (routings, newly-created items and parts), is passed to the manufacturer’s ERP for fulfillment. This helps to improve efficiency in the process and avoid errors with the product.


CPQ Solutions White Paper Download imageThe next key component of the CPQ solution is the level of support and partnership that Configure One offers. Now entering our 21st year of operation, the level of employee retention has been a major factor in company stability. Many of our employees have been involved with Configure One for over a decade and several have been here since the company was founded.

It’s this level of consistency that works so well for the businesses we support. You don’t have to worry about dealing with a new representative every time you call to ask a question. In addition, our customers are able to take advantage of our seasoned personnel’s CPQ experience, implementation guidance, and overall desire for our customers to succeed. Configure One truly sees the relationships we create with our customers as a long-standing commitment to meet all your needs so that you can meet the needs of your customers.


CPQ SolutionWhile there was always a sense of community within Configure One’s customer base, we formalized the last piece of the CPQ solution puzzle in 2019: the Configure One Community Forum. This is an open forum accessible only to our customers, which allows them to communicate and collaborate with one another. This allows these businesses to network with other companies and get feedback about what works best when implementing the CPQ software.

The community forum also allows our customers to submit and discuss new feature requests. We trust our customers who use the software every day to help guide the development of new features that can make the user experience even better. It supports customers looking for more information with other business challenges as well.

Configure One’s CPQ Software is a Solution Backed by Experience and Service

Many people see CPQ software as a simple tool that performs a necessary job. Configure One’s CPQ is not just a tool, it’s a solution. It is the solution to many of the challenges faced by manufacturers in our modern economy. Configure One’s CPQ solution allows people to use cutting edge technology and collaborate closely with Configure One professionals who consistently provide top-notch support.