Configure One successfully conducted the Fall 2020 Customer Advisory Board meeting on November 10th. The meeting was held virtually. To kick things off we had two roundtable discussions and got to hear from our customers about two important topics.

The first topic was about strategies and approaches to testing new features, code updates, and product rollouts. One of the key points made by the members was to ensure there’s a commitment to having resources allocated for testing. That includes setting expectations, holding them accountable, and selling the business on the value and importance of comprehensive testing.

The second topic was a discussion about the impacts COVID-19 has had on their businesses and strategies for dealing with it. As you might expect, each business and market is a little different. In general, all of the customers represented in the meeting are doing well. They’ve been implementing more virtual events and seen a reduction in expenses from less travel, no trade shows, office space reductions, etc. They’ve all been feeling the pressure because their companies are pushing for increased IT projects to continually improve their digital infrastructure, customer engagement, and workflows.

One customer presented new projects that his team is delivering in their Configure One implementation. This included an increased use of Real Time 2D visualization (most notably, a new site layout configurator), labor estimates for dealers to use, and a streamlined user experience for configurations.

Finally, we shared some upcoming features planned for our next major release and members participated in a lot of discussion about the product direction and features that are important to them. The topics of most interest centered around Salesforce integration use cases and website lead generation. Many of the members are committed to driving business from the website to their dealers and using Salesforce to manage engagements.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to attend this event. Your participation is greatly appreciated and it helps us provide the best possible product and services!