Manufacturing firm Industrial Brush Corporation (IBC) has joined the ranks of Configure One’s large business partners, recently having licensed Configure One’s proprietary software to roll out the CPQ platform in its business operations.

Manufacturer Industrial Brush Corp. (IBC) has joined the ranks of Configure One’s large business partners, recently having licensed Configure One’s proprietary software to roll out the CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) platform in its business operations.

John Cottam serves as director of technology and business development for IBC, which has its headquarters in Saint George, Utah and a second manufacturing site in Lakeland, Florida. He described the corporation’s plan to integrate its Configure One purchase by starting internally to synchronize ordering for its many products.

IBC serves commercial clients across almost every industry sector, Cottam said, notably food processing. Car washes are another clear example of an industry with large-scale brush use, and glass, wood and textile processing also rank high on IBC’s customer list. The actual numbers hover in the thousands, Cottam estimated.

“Any kind of automated industrial process where there’s a machine in use  for automation, usually there’s a brush involved,” he said.

The company’s brushes are made from many different materials, both synthetic and natural. Almost 95 percent of the work they do is custom-ordered, according to Cottam; and because brushes are a consumable and wear out over time, many clients end up being repeat customers. Theirs is a specialized high-end service, whether delivering a first-time order or following up with repair services such as retrim, rewrap, or repair. While IBC lists several brush categories and a dozen different applications on its own website, Cottam noted that those are just the tip of the iceberg.

“That is just a representative sampling,” he said. “We have a huge mix of everything imaginable.”

IBC arrived at its decision to sign with Configure One based on an exhaustive procedure of evaluation across the market. Cottam described the decision as a result of shopping around extensively. After a “litany of questions” and exploration, IBC settled on Configure One, having determined that “they were the best fit.”

“I think it will make our process easier,” he said.

IBC works with a variety of subsidiaries to distribute its products. The company first plans to implement the software package internally prior to considering possible use on its own website.

With the support of CPQ software firmly in place, the business is poised to deliver prompt, accurate results as it continues its decades-old tradition of supplying American industry with the most up-to-date technology, courtesy of Configure One.

The manufacturing company originated in 1896 as Pioneer Brush and subsequently was acquired by IBC, a firm founded in 1947. The firm then moved its headquarters to its present-day Saint George, Utah base from Pomona, California.

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