NetSuite is one of the most popular ERP and CRM systems on the market today. This widely used platform allows businesses to keep track of production and sales from one centralized hub. Those who are familiar with the system already know it can be a lifesaver when it comes to managing your business, particularly when that business is manufacturing.

But what if there was a way to make it even better?

Configure One’s CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software integrates perfectly with NetSuite to provide an even better way of making sales and assisting your customers.

CPQ top 10 guide download buttonConfigure One’s CPQ (configure, price, quote) software lets you create customized products to meet the specific needs of each customer. It plugs directly into your NetSuite workflow to seamlessly enable product configuration and quoting.

CPQ applications have revolutionized the manufacturing industry. Before CPQ systems came into use, a salesperson would take an order from a customer and write down everything they wanted. Then they’d have to talk to internal designers and engineers to put together a price quote and determine if they could even build what the customer requested.

In the past, a single quote could take days or even weeks of back-and-forth to get everything settled and priced correctly. Then it might take even longer to get the item into production. All of this time is a drain on company resources, not to mention lost confidence from customers.
NetSuite Opportunity Quotes

CPQ Solutions White Paper Download imageHere’s how Configure One’s CPQ software makes a difference in your relationship with your customers:

  • Salespeople can still work directly with customers. However, they don’t need to wait around for an engineer to sign-off on it. All of the rules for configuring the product are built into the software, so the salesperson instantly knows which options are compatible and how much they cost.
  • Professional quote documents generated by Configure One CPQ can be attached to NetSuite opportunities, quotes and sales orders. Customer data from NetSuite gets pulled into the quote so your sales team always has the most up-to-date contact information.
  • Configure One lets you show off dynamic 3D and 2D representations of your product that update in real-time. Customers can see exactly what they are getting with a configured product and feel confident when making a purchase.
  • All of the added efficiency frees up your sales team to spend more time with customers. Even more, your engineers can work on creating and refining product lines instead of dealing with quote questions and determining the feasibility of projects. Your experts can focus their talents where it will benefit your company the most.

Configure One’s CPQ system integrates perfectly with NetSuite.

If you choose to use this pairing of NetSuite with Configure One, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Built for NetSuite — There’s no need to worry about version incompatibilities or other technical issues. Configure One is a Built for NetSuite badged-application. That means it meets the standards and best practices of the SuiteApp platform and will work smoothly.
  • Seamless Integration — The transition between systems is seamless and nearly imperceptible. Your sales reps can start from a NetSuite opportunity and launch directly into Configure One to configure products and generate quotes that get added back to the NetSuite opportunity. They can even view line items and bills of material from Configure One quotes directly on the NetSuite opportunity.
  • Maximum Efficiency — Configure One’s integration with NetSuite is designed for multiple use-case scenarios that incorporate NetSuite opportunities, quotes, and sales orders. No matter what your sales workflow looks like, Configure One can handle it. Configure One maximizes your company’s efficiency by sending bills of material, item masters, and production routings back to NetSuite.
  • Customer and Item Integration — All of your customer contact information from NetSuite is automatically pulled into Configure One quotes. The two applications communicate to keep the information in-sync so that it only needs to be entered once and used in both systems. Any unique items created in Configure One are automatically saved to NetSuite for future use and reference.

Finally, let’s talk about the NetSuite workflows that can help you better serve your customers. These include:

  • Opportunity workflow — Starting with a NetSuite opportunity, your sales reps can launch into Configure One and create a professional looking quote with configured line items that get attached to the NetSuite opportunity. NetSuite will populate the Configure One quote with all of the customer contact data automatically from the Opportunity so the user does not need to re-enter that information.
  • Extended sales channel workflow — If your extended sales channels (dealers, distributors, etc.) don’t have access to NetSuite, you can still let them use Configure One to configure products and generate quotes. When they are ready to submit an order, your internal sales team can search and attach the quotes to an opportunity in NetSuite.
  • Quote workflow — Already happy with the quoting tools in NetSuite? Just press a button on your NetSuite quote and jump into Configure One to put together a customized product. Once you’re finished configuring the options, it’s added to the quote in NetSuite with a complete bill of material.
  • Order workflow — You can even skip the quoting portion of the workflow and start right from a sales order in NetSuite. Simply click a button on the NetSuite interface to jump into Configure One, select the relevant product options, and it gets sent over as a line item on the sales order in NetSuite.
  • SuiteCommerce logoE-commerce workflow — This is a really great way to make a connection with your customers. Here, a client can use your NetSuite SuiteCommerce feature to create their own customized product. This will then generate a quote for them or allow them to place the order directly. The ease of this option is sure to help increase sales.

Configure One’s CPQ integration with NetSuite is an excellent way to get the best use of both tools. By taking advantage of their integrated features, you can increase the efficiency of your sales people, expand your sales opportunities and improve your retention of clients by offering a more personalized service.