Configure One recently welcomed global industrial manufacturer Peelle Doors to its client roster.

Configure One recently welcomed global industrial manufacturer Peelle Doors to its client roster.

Based in Ontario, Peelle designs, manufactures, and distributes specialized freight elevator doors for the municipal and private construction sectors. With its main hub in Hamilton, southwest of Toronto, and with worldwide distribution, Peelle offers commercial-grade entrance systems, parts, installation, and technical support.

Steve Reynolds, who has served as Peelle’s vice president of sales for the past 2½ years, explained that Peelle is just at the beginning of its implementation process for implementing Configure One’s CPQ system, having licensed it at the end of 2017.

While researching his company’s options for investing in a new process, Reynolds located Configure One online and was impressed enough to contact the firm and arrange for a demonstration.

The firm had already been using Infor Visual Manufacturing prior to selecting Configure One’s CPQ and continues to use it to this point.

With an existing configurator already in use, how did Peelle come to consider a change and select Configure One as a vendor?

“It was definitely an important selling point that it could integrate with our Infor ERP — and a CAD system that we use as well,” Reynolds said.

While facing a choice between continuing to use its existing set-up and upgrading to a new system, once Peelle learned that Configure One’s bailiwick is interoperable, what appealed to the firm was Configure One’s economical approach.

And though in the initial stages of his company’s software adaptation, Reynolds commended Configure One’s overall approach to customer support, relating that a Configure One project manager has already been assigned to the company and has offered additional products, upgrades, and auxiliary programs.

“They offered a bunch of options and I chose what suited us,” Reynolds said. “One of the things that they were good about was the ability to implement a variety of different modules.”

Poised to pave Peelle’s path forward with Configure One’s CPQ, Reynolds conveyed satisfaction.

“We arranged for a presentation and they did a very good job,” Reynolds said. “They brought in people who were able to answer all my questions. After initial contact we arranged for an online demo session, and I was really very confident with what I saw at the end of it.”

Peelle now has its work clearly cut out for itself. With offices throughout Europe and Asia, the enterprise will design a way of initiating its global team members — whether through online training manuals, webinars or other material.

“This will be the first time that we’ll be rolling this out,” Reynolds said. “It’s something that our dealers or reps will be using. When I looked at the system and how easy it seemed and the ability to extend the channel out to the customers, that was one of the deciding factors, because it doesn’t need any special developers to do the implementation. It was something we can do ourselves, so it reduces cost.”

Responsible for many high-profile projects — from Boston to Miami, Chicago to San Francisco and all points between, as well as maintaining a presence in the U.K. — Peelle specializes in biparting and slideup doors; single and double car gates and cab enclosures; entrance frames; control systems and parts; plus remote controllers and electrical schematics.

Notable sites constructed with equipment manufactured by Peelle include Rockefeller Center in New York City and the Toronto Convention Center.

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