It may seem a little unusual at first to think of using Salesforce’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform alongside Configure One’s CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution. After all, both companies offer CPQ solutions, which may seem to be at odds with each other.

CPQ top 10 guide download buttonHowever, the robust and customizable CPQ software from Configure One makes for a successful partnership with Salesforce. This is especially true for manufacturers, who often require more powerful product configuration options.

When each of your customers has different needs for a product with complex configuration options, you’ve got to find a CPQ system that can handle it. Configure One’s CPQ software lets you create these customized products using rules to ensure that everything is priced appropriately, and conflicting options aren’t included in the estimate for customers.

CPQ software streamlines the process in a way that significantly reduces the work and redundancy of traditional configuration. Previously, companies could only offer customization by having their sales staff or engineers configure products manually.

This meant the salesperson had to get all of the specifications of the client and then run it by the engineering department to see if the details were even feasible. Then they’d have to determine how much to charge for it.

What’s wrong with configuring products manually?

Manual configuration requires a lot of back-and-forths to determine if a product can be produced. Sales must identify potential issues and communicate them to both the customer and engineers. Then they need to work with the customer to find other possible solutions to get what they want.

All of this takes more time and effort. There’s the possibility of losing the sale or investing a lot of unbillable time just to get the customer on board.

  • Instead of losing time and money, you can instead utilize Configure One’s CPQ software alongside Salesforce’s CRM. Configure One helps you enter specification details directly into the CPQ software. If the customer wants a product that can’t be designed, the rules outlined in the software will alert the salesperson. They don’t need to get approval from engineering to find out if the product can be designed.
  • Generate professional quote documents for your customers. Customer account data from Salesforce is automatically populated to the quote, which can be sent directly to the customer for their approval.
  • Instantly produce a real-time 2D or 3D model of the designed product to match the customer’s specifications. This helps the customer know that what they see is what they will get. They don’t have to wait to see how the product will look when they get it.

Why Integration?

cpq salesforce integrationSo, if you’re going to use Configure One’s CPQ software, why should you integrate it with your Salesforce platform? There are some significant bonuses to be found in this:

  1. Complete CPQ Solution The first thing you notice about this integration is how streamlined the process is. A salesperson can start an opportunity in Salesforce and launch directly into Configure One to configure products and generate quotes that get added back to the opportunity in Salesforce. The transition between systems is seamless and nearly imperceptible.
  2. Powerful Quoting Tools — Our CPQ software generates a multi-level bill of material for every customized product your company offers. The itemized BOM details can even be listed right on the quote document. This allows you to provide detailed quotes faster than ever before.
  3. Multi-Quote Workflows — Create multiple quotes for the same opportunity in Salesforce. Once the customer decides what they want to go forward with, it can be converted into an order with the press of a button.
  4. Customer Dataflows — All of your customer contact information from Salesforce is automatically pulled into Configure One quotes. The two applications communicate to keep the information in-sync so that it only needs to be entered once and used in both systems.

Benefits of Integration

CPQ Solutions White Paper Download imageBut, one may wonder why use Configure One’s CPQ software when Salesforce has a similar system to use with their CRM. The reality is that many companies today are doing just this by going with the Salesforce CRM, but instead opting to use Configure One’s integration. We’ve spoken with some of these companies and here’s why they feel this is the best fit for them:

  1. Functionality Designed for Manufacturers — Configure One offers an in-depth and comprehensive array of configurator functionality, specifically designed to enable manufacturing companies.
  2. ERP Integration — Companies that use an enterprise resource planning system for inventory and order management, you can be assured that Configure One CPQ integrates with any ERP. It uses the ERP data when generating bills of material and can send order details to the ERP when a customer makes a purchase.
  3. Dealers & Distributor Support — Configure One has built-in support for dealers and distributors, so your extended sales channels can use it for product configuration and quoting. They can even generate quote documents with their branding and add special mark-ups or discounts.
  4. CAD Model and Drawing Automation — CAD automation has been a mainstay of Configure One CPQ for the past two decades. When a product is configured, integrated CAD applications can automatically put together 3D models and drawings using the configuration data.
  5. Real-Time Visualization — Configure One lets you show off dynamic 3D and 2D representations of your product that update in real-time. Customers can see exactly what they are getting with a configured product and feel confident when making a purchase.

The integration between Configure One’s CPQ software and Salesforce’s CRM brings the best of both worlds in a fully streamlined system. These two work hand-in-hand to create a partnership that maximizes efficiency and supercharges your company’s productivity.