When you’re remodeling a bathroom, it does little good to pick out the products and finishes you want,
only to find they won’t be ready by installation day.

Quality Enclosures Inc., a nationwide manufacturer of shower glass enclosures, recently took a step
toward solving this problem by partnering with software vendor Configure One. At Configure One, the
mission is to integrate a company’s software platforms to make it easier to find products in the
production pipeline, customize them and generate quotes to customer specifications.

“As Quality Enclosures has grown, so has our need to efficiently communicate orders between our
customers, our customer service staff and our ERP,” Nick Papas, Quality Enclosures’ technology
supervisor, said. “Configure One had the right software solution for us – something that could easily
present our available products and options to both our customers and sales staff and deliver them to
production and into the ERP instantly without any mistakes in translation.”

And if the software needs modification, it can easily be done in-house as the business scales to meet
demand, Papas said.  The capability of software self-modification, where the software grows with the
business, was among the criteria Quality Enclosures considered when choosing to partner with Configure

“In essence, they give you their tools, teach you how to use them correctly and creatively, then let you
grow on our own to build your program,” Papas said. “They’re there for support and guidance if you
need them, but they’re not the lead on how the program functions for your company – the company is
the lead.”

The seamless transfer of information is crucial to a firm like Quality Enclosures, whose customers are
installers of fixtures in single-family and multifamily homes. The manufacturing process for Quality
Enclosures comprises everything from tempering glass to shipment to production facilities and
preparing installation-ready enclosures.

Papas said both companies share excitement in learning how to optimize their business processes to
help their customers. When one of Configure One’s customers requires capabilities that haven’t been
developed yet, they share the solution with other customers. This is the case with special integration
Quality Enclosures required with its ERP system.

“We’ve had several conversations with their development team where we want to accomplish
something and Configure One says, ‘We’ve seen other customers do similar things – here’s how they
approached it and what they got out of it,’” Papas explained.

He also said the integration of NetSuite ERP has completely changed the business.

“[I]t’s a complete overhaul of our corporate landscape,” he said. “From the ERP we came from,
NetSuite lets us have many more options and granular control of how we view and maintain inventory,
how we route orders and how we transmit information within our company.”

The partnership is ultimately a win-win for Quality Enclosures’ customers, who can custom-build
shower enclosures easily to meet every needed specification. The process is lightning fast; Papas
estimated once a customer places an order, the glass is cut and leaves the shop floor for fabrication
and tempering.

“Our mission is that we create joy and an everlasting impression in everything we do,” Papas said.
“We know our products are the centerpiece of everyone’s bathroom, and we’re proud to stand apart
as premium product.”

About Configure One
Configure One is a leading provider of web-based product configurator and CPQ (configure price quote) software. Configure One’s Enterprise Product Configurator® is an enterprise CPQ application that enables companies to efficiently sell and process orders for configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services. Configure One’s customers can increase revenues while reducing costs by automating much of the sales, order entry, and engineering processes. Customers include industry leaders such as Alstom, Vertiv, Dover Corporation, Masonite Corporation, Otis Elevator, SPX Corporation, Stanley Black & Decker, and Sumitomo.