Product Development

A key element of Configure One’s mission is a commitment to continuous product development to meet customer requirements. The company’s strategy has always been to respond to customer and market demands, both technical and functional. Configure One is an advocate of customer-driven development. We believe that customers are seeking a more collaborative relationship with their software vendors and we strive to ensure their voices are heard. Naturally, customer feedback plays a large part in our product planning process, and as such many product enhancements are a direct result of their input.

Configure One’s product development staff is located at the company’s headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois. Unlike most of our competitors, Configure One does not subcontract nor undertake any product development offshore. We believe that this approach gives us an advantage over many other software companies, and the resultant increase in quality greatly outweighs any theoretical cost savings associated with offshore development. As customer collaboration is a key part of our product planning process, the fact that Configure One’s project managers, who work most closely with customers, are in close proximity to the development team reduces the opportunity for communication errors and helps ensure that customer feedback is promptly and accurately acted upon. We believe the end result is a better quality product with faster time to market.

Configure One’s Enterprise Product Configurator is a completely web-based application. Application administrators use point-and-click user interface screens to model rules within the software, eliminating the need to learn a scripting language to create product rules. Within the software development team, we follow a ‘rapid prototype & development’ approach, allowing us to rapidly and efficiently add new functionality to the application.