Configurator Integration

Configure One’s products are known for their ability to seamlessly integrate to other business systems, saving you time, cost and headaches. CPQ integration to other systems is essential to avoid duplicate data entry and the resulting possibility of errors.

While Configure One can be deployed as a standalone application, our CPQ product normally integrates with existing back office applications such as an ERP, CRM, or PLM system in order to eliminate the need for redundant data entry, reduce order mistakes due to human error, and accelerate the processing of quotations to orders. Configurator integration is established using either one of Configure One’s prebuilt standard integration modules, the Connect integration module, or the Connect Advanced integration module.

Standard integrations are available for:

Most of our customers establish their integrations using either Configure One’s Connect integration module or our Connect Advanced integration module. Configure One has experience integrating  with many different business applications such as:

Connect™ Configurator Integration Module

The Connect module was developed to facilitate integration between Configure One and ERP systems. Our customers’ IT personnel or ERP consultants can develop a seamless integration to their ERP systems by following and meeting the Connect integration specifications provided by Configure One.

The Connect module provides IT professionals with several integration options to include the transmission of data between Configure One and other applications via 1) web services, 2) pre-defined staging tables within a database, or 3) FTP. The Connect module handles the following transactions: item masters, customer masters, quotes, order masters, bills of material, and manufacturing routings.

Connect Advanced™ Configurator Integration Module

This module builds on the Connect module, offering a more comprehensive middleware/enterprise application integration (EAI) solution. The Connect Advanced module readily connects Configure One and your existing business systems. It combines the ease of point-and-click graphical consoles with the power of flexible scripting to integrate applications via their preferred protocols and data formats. It also enables ongoing integration monitoring and business reporting. Connect Advanced saves you the time, expense, and risk involved in data integration by minimizing the need for custom coding to achieve complex processing functions and any-to-any mapping between multiple data formats.

No matter which solution you choose, Configure One’s experienced CPQ integration consultants will work with you to ensure a seamless integration.