Made2Manage Standard Integration – Made2Manage Configurator

Made2Manage Standard Integration

Configure One’s CPQ application seamlessly connects to your Made2Manage (M2M) system, resulting in a powerful Made2Manage configurator (M2M configurator) solution that saves you time, expense, and risk in integrating the two systems.

Configure One’s standard integration with Made2Manage is offered through Configure One’s strategic partner, Progressive Edge. Progressive Edge is an expert at Made2Manage and for the last 15 years, has been dedicated to extending, enhancing, and maintaining the Made2Manage system from Aptean. This addition of a standard integration to Made2Manage provides the M2M community with a robust Made2Manage configurator solution.

The days are gone when manufacturers can get by offering only standard products in standard configurations. In order to stay competitive, manufacturers must to meet the challenge of highly configured products requiring specialized tools and services. To meet this demand, more and more manufacturers are turning to Configure One’s configurator and CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution fully integrated with Made2Manage. The end result is a Made2Manage product configurator that provides strategic value to these companies.

The following is a list of the integration touch points and use cases that are included in the standard integration between Concept and M2M:

  • Item master data flowing from Made2Manage to Configure One
  • Customer master data flowing from Made2Manage to Configure One
  • Creation of sales orders in Made2Manage
  • Configure One-generated BOM’s flowing from Configure One to Made2Manage
  • Configure One-generated Routings flowing from Configure One to Made2Manage

Our goal with this standard integration offered through our strategic partner is to provide Made2Manage users with a Made2Manage CPQ solution.

Let our M2M configurator become your competitive advantage.