Synchrono Standard Integration – Synchrono Configurator

Imagine being able to create unique bills of material, routings, and production drawings automatically, and provide customers with accurate pricing and realistic delivery dates. The powerful software combination of Configure One’s CPQ and Synchrono’s Adaptive Manufacturing makes this possible.

Here’s how this seamless integration works:

  • Quotations and/or customer orders are entered into Concept in the form of product features and options. The customer’s requested ship date is also entered. Configuration rules ensure that users can make only selections that are compatible, resulting in accurate products and eliminating manufacturing rework due to configuration errors.
  • Configure One dynamically translates the entered features and options to produce quotations, bills of material and manufacturing routing reports.
  • Before configurations are converted to orders, Synchrono’s real-time scheduling functionality can answer the all-important production question: “If the order is placed right now, can we make the requested delivery date — and if not, what is the earliest date that the order can be shipped?”

When such a “what if” delivery and execution scenario is requested, Configure One sends Synchrono the configured bill of material and a planning routing containing the setup and runtime information required to process the quote. Synchrono uses these bills of material and routings to check all capable plants based on capacity and material constraints, and calculates the earliest possible delivery date. This date is returned to Configure One and presented to the user on the screen — all in a matter of seconds.