Configurator Software

Configure One’s Concept Enterprise Product Configurator is configuration software made for manufacturers like you who design and build configurable, multi-option, and customizable products.

Concept Enterprise Product Configurator automates your entire quote-to-production process by generating not only sales configurator deliverables (pricing, quotes, sales drawings, and virtual product images), but also production outputs (bills of material, routings, and production drawings). Unlike other configurators, Concept comes with a series of optional modules so you can purchase only the software you need right now and add additional functionality later.

Concept Enterprise Product Configurator helps you close sales faster and deliver orders with greater accuracy by automating and simplifying these and other tasks:

Easy to Use. Concept Enterprise Product Configurator is designed and tested to ensure it is the easiest-to-use product configuration software available. In most cases, it can be deployed with no training for end users.  This is extremely important, especially when deploying Concept to outside sales, distributors, and dealers. This makes Concept not just a sales configurator, but a true guided selling tool.

Easy to Implement. With Concept Enterprise Product Configurator you can expect a smooth setup process. Concept’s easy-to-use, point and click admin screens are nothing less than genius. Unlike other configurators, this allows for product-knowledgeable people to completely implement configurators without any requirement to know programming.

Easy to Integrate. Configure One recognizes that product configuration software is only part of your overall business system. Concept Enterprise Product Configurator’s integration modules and talented integration consultants, make it easy to integrate seamlessly with existing applications, including CAD, ERP and CRM, providing an integrated guided selling experience.

Our product configuration software automates several manual tasks, leaving you free to handle more important items. Contact Configure One today to learn about our guided-selling configurator and why it can do more than other configurators on the market today.