Connect Integration Platform

Configure One Connect is the backbone for all of Configure One’s integration services. Connect uses a web service messaging layer to send and receive information from integrated business systems. The Connect platform provides a straightforward approach to integration and can leverage existing middleware integration frameworks. Configure One also offers Connect Advanced as a middleware solution for CPQ integrations that require data mapping, message transformation, and message enrichment.

Web Service Messaging

Connect actively communicates with external systems using XML-based SOAP messages. These messages can include data for entire configurations, item and customer master data, quote line items, and more.


Export configuration design data for use in an external system. This data includes bills of material, production routings, item master data, and other information about each configuration.


Import and export quote data with an external CRM application or other business system. Information sent from Configure One can include quote documents as well as detailed line item data with bills of material, probability of sale, and other data.


Import and export order data with an external system. Information sent from Configure One can include detailed line item data, with bills of material for configuration line items, as well as serial numbers and customer data.


Import customer records, addresses, and price books from external CRM and ERP applications for use with Configure One quotes and orders.


Import item data from an external system for use with Configure One bills of material, quotes, and orders. Items created or modified in Configure One can also be sent out to the external system.


Import users from an external system or use single sign-on (SSO) to let users securely access Configure One using an LDAP source.

Connect Advanced Middleware

Configure One also offers Connect Advanced, a middleware solution for integrating to business systems. Connect Advanced supports a wide variety of endpoints and can integrate Configure One to any business system. Learn more…

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