NetSuite Standard Integration – NetSuite Configurator

NetSuite CPQ (configure price quote) Software

Configure One’s configurator and CPQ (configure price quote) application has been seamlessly integrated with NetSuite since 2007 and enables companies to efficiently sell and process orders for configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services. Configurable products can be physical products (for instance medical devices, industrial equipment, and building products) or software products.

NetSuite’s customers are able to increase revenues while reducing costs by using Configure One’s NetSuite configurator to automate much of their sales and order entry processes. Standard integration to NetSuite includes initiating Configure One’s configurator from a NetSuite Opportunity, a NetSuite Quote, a NetSuite Order, NetSuite Ecommerce, and/or even outside of NetSuite.

Key features of Configure One’s standard integration to NetSuite:click here to enlarge

  • Standard integration to NetSuite includes initiating the configurator from a NetSuite Opportunity, a NetSuite Quote, a NetSuite Order, NetSuite Ecommerce, and/or even outside of NetSuite
  • Integration includes “Built for NetSuite” certification
  • Creates configurations from the NetSuite Quote and NetSuite Order screens
  • Generates configurations and proposals through a Quote tab added to the NetSuite Opportunity screen
  • Easily converts configurator-produced quotes to NetSuite Sales Orders
  • Integrates powerful configurator and NetSuite CPQ functionality to NetSuite Ecommerce
  • NetSuite customer data is used to populate configurator-produced proposals
  • Creates single and multi-level bills of material and automatically establishes the Item/Components relationships in NetSuite
  • Creates new part numbers and generates new item records on-the-fly in NetSuite when necessary

Key benefits of Concept for NetSuite users include:

  • Automates the configuration of products, software, and services, providing the ideal NetSuite configurator
  • Prevents users from selecting incompatible product options
  • Reduces time required to generate pricing, bills of material, and proposals by over 90%
  • Eliminates the need to use applications external to NetSuite (like Excel) to calculate pricing
  • Removes the requirement to preload NetSuite with all possible product permutations
  • Decreases errors and rework
  • Makes sales, distributors, and customers more self-sufficient
  • Eliminates the need to develop and maintain custom-developed configurator applications or have other third party NetSuite quote software
  • Captures an organization’s product knowledge and rules

Our goal with the standard integration is to provide NetSuite users with a NetSuite CPQ solution.

Let our NetSuite configurator become your advanced NetSuite quote software.