Salesforce Standard Integration – Salesforce Configurator

Salesforce Standard Integration

Configure One’s configuration and CPQ software allows Salesforce users to configure, price, quote (CPQ) products and process orders more quickly and efficiently.

The seamless integration between Configure One and Salesforce enables salespeople to become self-sufficient. They can easily convert customer requests into quotes, sales drawings, and/or virtual product images without having to rely on an internal quotation or engineering department.

click here to enlargeFrom an Opportunity in Salesforce, users simply click on the Add Quote button to generate professional quote documents with both configurable and standard line items. For configurable items, users are guided through a series of questions that capture the appropriate feature and option requirements, resulting in an excellent Salesforce configurator. Configure One then automatically translates the user’s selections into the deliverables that are needed to sell and fill the order.

You can choose to use Configure One to generate sales deliverables (pricing, quotes, sales drawings, and virtual product images), production outputs (bills of material, routings, and production drawings), or both. Our goal with the standard integration is to provide Salesforce users with the best Salesforce CPQ solution on the market today.

Key features of an integrated Configure One-Salesforce solution:

  • pulls Account and Contact data from Salesforce to populate proposals
  • pushes Quote information from Configure One to Opportunities in Salesforce
  • creates new Products in the Salesforce catalog for the configured part
  • automatically attaches the new configured product to the Opportunity
  • converts Quotes to Orders in business system
  • leverages Salesforce integration tools
  • is available to non-Salesforce users (e.g., order entry, distributors, customers)
  • on demand or in-house licensing models
  • requires no programming skills to implement
  • generates professional-looking proposal documents
  • optionally integrates with Creo (formerly Pro/E), SOLIDWORKS® or Inventor® to produce drawings and product images, all without requiring end users to have any knowledge of CAD
  • manages complex pricing rules and supports multiple price books
  • allows for different discounts, depending on the type of user
  • integrates with leading ERP products
  • automatically creates production data, such as bills of material and routings, that can be sent electronically to ERP/MRP
  • allows for multiple Quotes for a single Opportunity in Salesforce

A Salesforce configurator can make your sales force more independent and successful. Contact us to find out more about our Salesforce CPQ solution.