Item Master & Part Creation

Configure One handles item master and part creation as a piece of the configuration process. Item master creation can be automated to create records for unique dimensions and feature combinations. Bills of material include static and dynamically generated item master line items.
Item Master & Part Creation

Item Management and ERP Integration

Item masters in Configure One support substitution and replacement, as well as sets composed of multiple items, phantom items, and more. Configure One can integrate to any ERP system to ensure that it is always using the most up-to-date item information for every configuration.

Automated Part Creation

Generate new smart parts and items automatically whenever a unique combination is used. Configure One will always check to see if the item exists before creating a new item and reuse existing items whenever possible.

Special Item Requests

Let customers submit special requests for engineered-to-order products. Users can define their exact needs and include comments. Special requests can be reviewed and then added to the BOM as new items.