Price & Cost Calculation

Calculate prices using bill of material item data or generate pricing dynamically without a bill of material. BOM pricing can pull item price and cost data directly from an integrated ERP to ensure that pricing is always accurate, up to date, and accessed securely.

Pricing Options and Contracts

Configure One’s sales configurator supports multiple methods for pricing configurations, including bill of material and option-based pricing. Pricing equations can account for variable data that is unique to each configuration. Additionally, customer price books can securely store contracted pricing for every item in your inventory.


Configure One’s quote and order interfaces provide a wide variety of automatic and manual discounting methods. Discount workflow functionality allows for multiple levels of managers to approve or reject discount requests. Discounts can be applied to specific products, items, customers, shipping, and more!

Multi-Currency Support

Bring your products to a global market with multi-currency and multilingual support. Create configurations, quotes, and orders in alternate languages and currencies.