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GraphQL is a query API language that makes it easy to access, monitor, and modify data through an easy to use interface. A modern and performant API built with efficiency and flexibility at its core, GraphQL allows you to make a single targeted request to get exactly what you need from a single endpoint without over-fetching. A single data-access mechanism for all business logic giving you the ability to leverage Configure One throughout the enterprise.

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Use the playground below to explore the power of GraphQL by querying Product, Customer and Item data or performing a mutation to change Customer and Item data. See how easy it is to get the data you want , change it to what you need, and build a scalable solution for your consumers.

Configure One GraphQL Query API

Meet the new Configure One GraphQL Query API; all the power you want, in one simple interface! GraphQL is the next generation of API standards for web applications. We are the first in the industry to adapt this technology and make it available to our customers. Our Query API gives you the power to get the exact data you need, when you need it. You can use The Configure One GraphQL Query API to visualize your data by building business-specific dashboards, or you can use it to pull the data you want to create new applications. A browser-based interface allows you to visualize the API documentation and all available options while developing queries that fit your business requirements.

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