Configure One Integration

Configure One integrates to popular CRM and ERP systems for quotes, orders, and configurations. Our CPQ CRM integrations include an embedded viewer to access the Configure One quote and configuration interfaces for seamless interaction between systems. ERP integrations allow Configure One orders, along with bills of material and item data, to be sent to an ERP system.

Configure One’s Connect and Connect Advanced integration platforms allow your team or our integration experts to create custom integrations to any business system.

CRM Integrations

All of our CPQ CRM integrations use the power of Configure One’s configurations, quoting, ordering, and document generation without ever leaving your CRM application. Configure One seamlessly integrates with:


Users can access Configure One quoting and configurations using features directly embedded in the CRM. Configure One interfaces are automatically styled to match the look and feel of the CRM. Our CRM integrations support a wide variety of use cases and, with Configure One Connect Advanced middleware, we can integrate to any CRM application.

  • Leverage the power of the Configure One quoting and configuration interfaces without leaving the CRM application
  • Export quote documents and configurations to CRM opportunities
  • Pull customer information directly from the CRM to populate quotes and orders

ERP Integrations

Configure One’s CPQ ERP integrations send and synchronize data with your preferred ERP system. We have a long history of integrating to the most popular ERP systems:


Our ERP CPQ integrations utilize your existing customer and item records in Configure One and always uses the most up-to-date information from the ERP. Configurations created in Configure One can send the bill of material data to the integrated ERP to update item information and create new items in the system. With Configure One Connect Advanced middleware, we can integrate to any ERP application.

  • Export new and existing item data to the ERP system when a configuration is ordered
  • Import item information and price books to Configure One from the ERP system
  • Pull customer addresses directly from the ERP for populating quotes and orders

Connect Platform

The Configure One Connect platform is the backbone for all of Configure One’s integration services. Connect uses a web service messaging layer to send and receive information from integrated business systems. The Connect platform provides a straightforward approach to integration and can leverage existing middleware integration frameworks. Learn more…

Connect Advanced Middleware

Configure One’s Connect Advanced middleware is built on a widely used open-source enterprise integration technology. Connect Advanced supports a wide variety of endpoints and can integrate Configure One to any business system. It includes powerful integration features like data mapping, message transformation, and enrichment. The Connect Advanced package also includes detailed logging and a suite of integration monitoring tools. Learn more…