If you’re investing in a configure, price, quote (CPQ) software solution, the best way to get the most value out of that solution is to integrate it with your other business tools. While Autodesk Configure One can be deployed as a standalone application, our customers frequently integrate it with their existing back-office applications, including their ERP, CRM and PLM systems, in order to streamline processes and achieve better overall results.
Your existing back-office systems are filled with useful information on your customers and the products you sell. It only makes sense that you would use configurator integration to feed that information into your CPQ solution, rather than continuing to rely on manual data entry that is slow, labor-intensive and prone to human error. Integrating your CPQ solution with your other key business systems helps you get more value out of the data that already resides on those systems, while also getting even better results from your CPQ system.
When data moves directly into your CPQ system instead of needing to be entered in manually, your sellers can create new prices and deliver finished quotes quicker. You can even flow customer requests straight from your CRM to your pricing tool, helping your sellers respond to those requests in mere moments. Getting accurate quotes in front of your customers sooner helps you stay ahead of your competition, and close on as many new customers as possible.
In addition, CPQ integration allows your sellers to spend less of their time manually entering business information. In turn, this frees them to spend more time helping customers, delivering the kind of hands-on interaction that’s so important to many customers today. Your sellers will also cut down on the number of mistakes they make when preparing quotes, as entering data is often the most error-prone aspect of the entire endeavor. Eliminating mistakes helps make quotes faster and more accurate, while also helping your sellers appear more professional in front of your customers.

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Standard Integration

Configurator integration is established using either one of Autodesk Configure One’s prebuilt standard integration modules or the Autodesk Configure One Connect Advanced integration module. Autodesk Configure One supports integration with the following applications, among others:


Integration Case Studies

Check out these case studies for a closer look at how some of our customers have benefited from integrating Autodesk Configure One with their back-office applications:

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