ERP & CRM Integration with Configure One CPQ

Configure One CPQ integrates seamlessly with your other business systems, preventing data synchronization issues, and eliminating double-entry and other manual processes. We are integration experts and have experience with dozens of distinct business systems covering a wide range of functionality, including ERP, CRM, SFA, and PLM.
Automatically synchronize a wealth of data – including item/material masters, customer masters, bills of materials, sub-assemblies, manufacturing routings, pricing data, configurations, quotes, and orders – between Configure One CPQ and your other business systems. Our standards-based integration capabilities are fully extensible to meet your unique needs. Whether you use a pre-built integration package, or integrate with a legacy system, we provide all the tools & expertise you need to make integration a success. Additionally, Configure One integration consultants are available to help as you need them – from turn-key work to as-needed consulting, your success is top priority!

One workflow for everything

Configure One’s integration with CRM and ERP systems means you can use a single workflow to manage your entire quote-to-production process.

Unparalleled efficiency

Speed up your sales timelines and delight customers with lightning fast turnaround times for quotes while lowering sales costs and reducing errors.

Unified information

Consolidate all of your products into one catalog that is used throughout your organization, so everyone stays on the same page

All of your data, working together

Whether it’s the item pricing on a bill of material, or a customer’s address, rest assured that you’re always using the most up-to-date information.

Unprecedented visibility

Identify issues before they happen with reporting that’s easier and more accurate because all systems are speaking the same language.

CRM Integrations

We have pre-build integration connectors for many popular CRM applications, including:

ERP Integrations

Integrate with any ERP system, or use a pre-built integration connector for these popular applications:

Connect and Connect Advanced

Configure One Connect is the backbone for all of Configure One’s integration services. Connect uses a web service messaging layer to send and receive information from integrated business systems. The Connect platform provides a straightforward approach to integration and can leverage existing middleware integration frameworks. Configure One also offers Connect Advanced as a middleware solution for CPQ integrations that require data mapping, message transformation, and message enrichment.