Replacement of Your Existing Configurator

Most often, our clients already have a configurator when they purchase our CPQ application. As a result, we are adept at evaluating existing setups and determining new needs.

If you’re looking to replace your configurator software, Configure One can provide an in-depth analysis, determine what works and doesn’t work, and develop a replacement plan that will cause minimal disruption to your business.

Rule Reuse

Configure One’s flexible and robust rules engine sometimes makes it possible to reuse the rules contained in your current technology. This dramatically reduces the time and effort involved in implementing Configure One. By reviewing the format of your existing data, our experienced consultants can help you determine if reusing your product rules and logic is a viable option.

Why Configure One CPQ?

The three most common reasons why companies replace their existing configurator with Configure One:

  • its web-based architecture makes it easy to deploy
  • non-programmers can easily implement and maintain it
  • it provides increased functionality