Configurator Software Customizations

Many companies use Configure One without changes to the core application. However, if your unique business requirements cannot be addressed by standard Configure One, there are excellent choices for delivering custom configurator functionality.

A new API allows for easier modification of Configure One’s functionality in several areas of the software. This API is designed and documented to give our customers’ programmers and technical staff the ability to be self-sufficient at utilizing the API to deliver and maintain custom configurator features. Of course if customers prefer, Configure One can handle their software customizations in a completely turnkey fashion. Independent of who delivers these software customizations, using Configure One’s new API will result in the best way to develop customizations that are easily upgraded when you go to the next release of Configure One’s software.

For us, a successful Configure One implementation is one that meets all your objectives and has the least impact possible, enabling a smooth migration path to new versions of the software.