Flexible Part Numbering

Configure One’s CPQ flexibility accommodates a variety of part numbering schemes, including intelligent (smart) part numbering, sequential part numbering, or a hybrid approach where a portion of the part number is intelligent and another portion is sequential. This is especially important for ETO (engineer-to-order) manufacturing companies that require specialized ETO software.

  • dynamically generate part numbers on the fly when a configuration requires new part numbers, based on part numbering rules
  • generate part numbers at any level throughout a configured bill of material, including top level, subassemblies, and end items
  • automatically create a fully defined item master record including all relevant item master fields (i.e. item description, UOM, weight) whenever a new part number is generated
  • for engineer-to-order components, automatically reuse previously created part numbers, eliminating the occurrence of multiple part numbers describing the same part
  • designate when in the workflow process part numbers/item masters are created, eliminating the generation of part numbers for configurations that are never ordered

When Configure One is integrated to back office ETO software such as an ERP system, this approach prevents the part number databases becoming cluttered with redundant part numbers.