2D/3D Visualization

Configure One’s focus on developing configurator software for manufacturing companies has resulted in Configure One having more visual product configurator functionality than any visual configurator on the market today.

One of the most popular visualization modules that Configure One offers is our Real-Time 2D module. Real-Time 2D allows for on-the-fly creation of a 2D product drawing or image (view, modify, zoom, and pan) inside of Configure One’s Configuration Interface (where users make their feature and option selections). The Real-Time 2D drawing or image updates in “real-time” as the user makes their configuration selections.

All too often, the first time a customer sees a product is when it shows up on the shipping dock or doorstep. Imagine the benefits of letting your customers see an exact image of that product, even before they commit to ordering or you start building it. This powerful functionality is often described as a 3D product configurator, 3D configurator software, a visual configurator, or even a visual product configurator.

Configure One contains several visualization options. Utilizing some or all of this visualization functionality results in a visual configurator that is easier to use. Some of the advantages of using visualization capabilities inside your configurator and CPQ solution include:

  • generate to-scale, photo-rendered, virtual 3D images on the fly from the 3D product configurator
  • improve quality and customer satisfaction by ensuring that customers know what their products look like before ordering them
  • use images, diagrams, and renderings during the configuration process to clarify options
  • make the visual configuration process easier for users who are not experts on your product line
  • include dynamically generated images and 2D sales drawings inside quotes and other documents

Optional functionality gives you 3D configurator capabilities including:

  • generate Web-viewable, lightweight, 3D VRML models
  • spin and zoom the virtual prototype directly in the browser through interactive controls

Build loyalty and wow customers by utilizing advanced visual configuration functionality during the quoting and ordering process.