Dynamic CAD Drawings – Design Automation

Dynamic CAD Drawings

Configure One eliminates bottlenecks and reduces your quote-to-production lead time through design automation by dynamically generating sales and production drawings as configurations are created.

With Configure One, your sales team won’t have to wait for engineering to manually produce sales drawings with each order. Your engineers – freed from mundane CAD work – can focus on product development and innovation. This knowledge based engineering (KBE) functionality allows customers, dealers, and direct sales reps to produce accurate, to-scale drawings on the fly, building good will and loyalty.

Not only is this design automation functionality effective for creating sales drawings and approval drawings, it can also help engineering and production by producing manufacturing drawings.

No knowledge of CAD is needed to use Configure One. You can easily and automatically generate:

  • an unlimited number of sales and production drawings for each configuration
  • various types of production drawings, including assembly, weld, bend, part, and to-scale sheet metal flat pattern
  • drawings in several formats, including .pdf, .dxf, .dwg and .dwf

Call today for information about how Configure One’s drawing and electronic design automation functionality can help streamline your team’s sales and production processes.