Flexible Look of Configurator Application

The latest release of Configure One’s CPQ provides customers with ultimate flexibility over what the configurator application looks like. The Configure One user interface is now designed entirely with CSS. The UI is the result of extensive human factors analysis and usability studies and places a stronger emphasis on intuitive features and modern design elements. This emphasis on usability provides a dramatic improvement in the everyday use of Configure One as well as easier administration of the configurator application. Configure One now takes full advantage of CSS3 and Ajax for a look and feel that significantly improves the end user experience as well as performance.

The entire Configure One user interface is now built on CSS, allowing for complete visual modification throughout the configurator application. The newly redesigned CSS Maintenance screen allows for direct editing of CSS text via a text editor. Custom style sheets can be applied subsequent to the default style sheets and override the default style sheets. This helps prevent accidental system changes and provides easier maintenance of the custom style sheets.

Many customers embed Configure One in their website for dealers, distributors and end customers to access. We believe that configurator solutions should allow for seamless integration into your website and dealer portals. To accommodate this important capability, we designed our configurator solutions to be easily adapted to your system and your brand.

With Configure One CPQ, you can:

  • customize the software’s look and feel to match your corporate style and visual identity through easy CSS Maintenance screens
  • use administrative screens to control what end users see
  • re-label entities throughout the configurator application using administrative tools

Web-based configurator solutions, such as Configure One, enable your dealers, distributors and end customers to generate quotes and place orders 24/7.