Ease of Use – Online Configurator

End User Ease of Use

Configure One invests tremendous development effort on making our online product configurator extremely user-friendly for end users. Our extensive usability engineering and testing is a big reason why companies around the world are so successful with our web-based configurator software. This ease of use offers multiple benefits:


  • the web-based configurator can be deployed with no training for end users – this makes it ideal for deploying to distributors, dealers and end customers, for whom training sessions are not always possible
  • extended sales channels are more likely to adopt the online configurator
  • users become productive instantly with the online configurator
  • you can restrict functionality based on user type so that users only get access to online product configurator functionality appropriate for their skill set
  • your company will be known as easy to do business with

These usability benefits apply to using the web-based product configurator on both computers and mobile devices. Ease of use is an important aspect of our proprietary web based product configurator. Our web-based configurator’s user-centered design is an asset for any CPQ implementation – especially large and small manufacturing companies that sell through extended sales channels.