Mutilingual & Multinational User Interface

Today’s international customers expect to conduct business in their native language and local currency. That’s why Configure One’s web configurator software provides you with industry-leading multilingual and multinational (currency, user-level time zone preference, numeric entry preference, etc.) web product configurator functionality.

The Configure One Multilingual module allows customers to present the web configurator software screens in their users’ local language. The multilingual functionality also provides the ability to produce documents such as proposals in different languages. So if a user wants to use Configure One in Spanish, but produce a proposal in German for their end customers, that’s no problem.

Compared to other web configurators, Concept does an excellent job of supporting both single- and double-byte (Mandarin, Japanese, etc.) character sets. These days, even small and medium sized companies are doing business globally and require this multilingual web product configurator functionality.