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Visual Product Configurator

Visual configurators reduce customer apprehension by offering customized product previews before purchase.

What is a Visual Configurator?

A visual configurator generates a 3D or 2D image on-the-fly for customers as they choose which product options they want to include. Instead of trying to mentally piece together what the finished product will look like, they can see it right in front of them.

Let’s imagine you’re looking to buy a new car online. A visual configurator might show you an interactive 3D model of the car that changes colors as you pick from the different paint options. Selecting a higher trim level might add a spoiler and leather seats, which instantly shows up in the 3D model.

Suddenly, customers not only have confidence in what they’re ordering, but it also gives them an opportunity to feel ownership over their choices and get excited about buying. The entire customer experience takes a massive leap forward with a visual configurator.

What are the Types of Visual Configurators?

There are two main types of visual configurators, 3D and 2D. However, the advent of augmented reality (AR) is bringing about a new dimension in the world of visual configuration.

3D Visual Configurator:
A 3D visual configurator renders a realistic, interactive view of the customer’s product that updates in real-time as they make their selections. With this type of configurator, the customer can look at the product from every angle to be sure that everything meets their expectations. 3D visual configurators take a bit more expertise to set up, as you’ll need three-dimensional models to work with, but the results are usually well worth the extra time and expense.

2D Visual Configurator:
This is the most basic kind of visual configurator and has the least amount of overhead cost to set up. It gives the customer a flat, 2-dimensional view of the configured product. 2D configurators can use scalable vector drawings with photo-based textures, or they can layer images on top of each other for a more realistic representation. Depending on the nature of the product, this cost-effective approach might be enough to help customers visualize their choices.

Augmented Reality Configurator:
Building on the experience of 3D visual configurators, AR configurators bring the configured product into the real world. Customers can hold up their phone and see exactly how their custom-designed cabinetry, guitar, or garage door will look in their own home. Depending on your product lines and clientele, alternate AR visual configurators could provide an unrivaled customer experience.

Why Should You Use a Visual Configurator?

If you’re wondering how visual configurators can actually add value to your business, consider the increased sales and customer loyalty they bring. When a customer can see a fully rendered model of the custom product they are ordering, they’re more likely to place the order. There’s something about seeing a product that makes the customer more comfortable about hitting the “Order” button.

Not only are customers more willing to commit to make a purchase, but they’ll also be more likely to bring repeat business due to their satisfaction from getting a product that lives up to their expectations. What’s more, you’ll have lower costs and deal with fewer returns because customers know what they’re getting before they buy.

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Gaining a Competitive Advantage

For those businesses and manufacturers that are looking to distinguish themselves from all the other companies on the Internet, a visual configurator is a perfect choice for your eCommerce website. By allowing customers to see what they are customizing before they order it, you can increase sales and also improve customer service and overall satisfaction.

Real Time 3D

Configure One Cloud’s Real Time 3D provides incredibly lightweight, interactive 3D CPQ visualization. Product models are assembled on-the-fly as customers choose different options. Real Time 3D supports photo realistic models and animations using native browser functionality on any device with no need to download plugins!

Customer Engagement
Let your customers try different specifications and see the effects instantly. Unleash the power of 3D visualization to allow your customers to experiment and find the perfect combination of options to suit their needs.
Show customers how your product works with eye-catching animations. These animations can demonstrate basic operations or provide mechanical simulations of the internal workings of your product..
Product Snapshots
Create snapshots of your product from multiple camera views and include them in your quotes. Snapshots make it easy to provide product documentation for customers as well as the shop floor when it moves into production.
Error Reduction
Reducing production errors is money in your pocket. When customers can see a 3D model of what they are configuring, they know exactly how the finished product will look. This leads to more satisfied customers and fewer returns.

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Real Time 2D

Configure One Cloud’s Real Time 2D CPQ visualization allows for customers to interact without having to invest in heavy equipment for 3D or CAD. Experience these benefits:
Interactive — Allow customers to zoom in on small parts, pan across large drawings, and change components by clicking on them. This lets your customer see each customization option and how it will impact the final product.

Real Time 2D drawings are lightweight, fast, generated on-the-fly. This helps you get up and running faster, without the large overhead and specialized knowledge of 3D modeling or CAD.

Use images and textures from your CAD models to give your 2D drawings a realistic appearance. Transparency and image layering make it easy to generate life-like representations of your product that incorporate the options selected by each customer.

CAD Automation

Configure One Cloud leverages your CAD models and drawings to automatically generate fully configured 3D models, sales drawings, and production drawings. It even lets you show the finished model directly from your web browser.

Customers and sales reps can see the CAD outputs almost instantly, instead of waiting days or weeks for a design to be configured manually. Configure One Cloud CPQ handles all the customization while your engineers focus on more profitable matters.

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