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CPQ for Enterprise Manufacturers

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) software allows users across enterprise organizations to accurately and quickly quote complex products and services. 

The benefits of CPQ are widespread, succinctly, our platform streamlines the sale and manufacturing of complex products, it integrates with upstream and downstream business systems, and it lowers costs across the organization. Manufacturers that offer sophisticated configurable products rely on Configure One Cloud for all their CPQ needs.

Omnichannel CPQ

Configure One Cloud is the only CPQ platform your organization will ever need. It delivers the right content to your audience right where you choose to engage them while ensuring that all your rules and master data are maintained in a centralized location.
Omnichannel CPQ
Configure One Cloud is the only CPQ platform your organization will ever need. It delivers the right content to your audience right where you choose to engage them while ensuring that all your rules and master data are maintained in a centralized location.
Online Lead Generation
When anonymous users visit your website, Configure One Cloud enables them to configure your complex products and generate outputs like part numbers, drawings, quotes, and more. Prospects can then purchase the products or save them for later.
Online Customers
Registered customers on your website can use Configure One Cloud to configure and price your products on their own at any time, re-order items that they previously configured, and even access their own special pricing if available.
Configure One Cloud offers an optional eCommerce module, but it also ties in perfectly with other popular eCommerce platforms. Your organization can easily create an online store that features both standard and configurable products alike.
Direct Sales
Configure One Cloud enables your sales team to quickly create even the most complex quote without the need for a sales engineer, which provides a competitive advantage and greatly increases the probability of getting the sale.
Extended Sales Channel
Besides direct sales to customers, you can also enable your extended sales channel to leverage the power and speed of Configure One, which will increase the number of deals, encourage brand loyalty, and promote brand recognition.
CSR/Order Entry
Configure One Cloud can significantly improve the work of your order entry staff by virtually eliminating all errors in quotes, and by drastically reducing the time it takes to turn quotes into orders from hours or days down to minutes.
With Configure One, your engineering department can be taken out of the equation for most quotes and orders, thus lowering cost, saving time, and most importantly giving them the opportunity to work on more valuable projects.
The manufacturing line can leverage Configure One Cloud to have complete visibility over what all the other channels are quoting, and they don’t have to wait between jobs while quotes are processed or approved upstream.

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Integration with other Enterprise Applications

The Configure One Cloud CPQ software is designed to be integrated with your other critical business applications. These systems typically include ERP, CRM, CAD, eCommerce, and more.

While we developed and maintain several standard integrations, Configure One Cloud is ERP and CRM agnostic by design. This means that the software doesn’t require any other system to run. It’s a fully standalone platform that affords customers the flexibility to exchange data between CPQ and virtually any other software in the enterprise, including older or home-grown applications.

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Implementation Approach

Configure One Cloud offers a managed implementation approach focused on your success factors, providing a strong support structure and ensuring a disciplined project execution. Our Enterprise Program is designed to orchestrate phased-based projects using an agile implementation methodology.  This ensures the project is organized and delivered with high quality and iterative solution components.  At the same time, we’re adjusting, consulting, and helping you keep focus on the enterprise solution.  We provide guidelines and best practices to maintain consistency of the solution and, when appropriate, we help you establish the expertise within your organization to act as a center of excellence to support additional businesses, subsidiaries, and divisions.
  1. Initiate The intitial phase or next phase of the project is identified, and the project requirements are gathered.
  2. Plan The objectives, scope, and tasks of the project are established, and resources are allocated.
  3. Design Discovery and documentation of the requirements, process flows, and rules are conducted, clearly defining the overall solution.
  4. Implement Work is executed in alignment with the requirements, the schedule, the budget, and the scope.
  5. Validate The solution is validated to ensure the system and processes meet the defined set of business requirements.
  6. Deploy The solution is deployed to production, go-live activities take place, and the customer is trained.
  7. Deliver All project activities are finalized, documentation is created, and the customer is transitioned to the Customer Success Team if applicable.

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