Configure One has increased sales and removed bottlenecks by allowing our users from more than 40 different countries to create quotes & drawings 24/7.

Brad Carlson
Channel Services & Solutions
InterMetro (an Emerson Electric Co.)

The Configure One team has been a pleasure to work with and have been there for us whenever we needed their help.

Stephen Mascola
IT Manager
Stanley Black & Decker

Configure One has definitely given us a competitive edge. During the time we’ve had Configure One we’ve more than doubled our cabinet volume.

Michael Custer
V.P. of Sales & Marketing
Chatsworth Products

The Configure One people have been great to work with. They are very, very quick to respond and have always guided me through any issues that I had. It is such a pleasure to work with your company and the kind of customer service that they provide.

James Robinson
Sales (Configurator Implementer)
KEITH Mfg. Co.

Configure One has proved to be a very capable and reliable partner.

Peter Sarsany
Grain Systems, Inc. (GSI)

With Configure One, our sales people and distributors have the ability to create their own drawings and quotes without reliance on engineering.

Charlie Kwiatkowski
V.P., Commercial and Industrial Sales
Flanders Corporation

We have been impressed with the Configure One staff, many who have been there over 10 years. Having one central contact means that we don’t have to repeat the same information over and over to different people.

Kim Martin
Director, Business Process and Systems Improvement
Marley Engineered Products (an SPX Co.)

Configure One’s rule engine has given us more flexibility that has translated to improved record accuracy, especially bills of material and work instructions.

Carl Brakob
Information Systems Manager
Zero Zone

Configure One has streamlined our quote-to-order process which has made it much easier for our distributors to configure our products.

Sean Kalman
Vice President
Nexus Valve

We were thoroughly impressed with Configure One. Everything that was demonstrated during the sales process was proven in the training.

Mark Franco
President and CEO
Mixer Direct

Configure One was clearly the best fit for an engineer-to-order business model. Configure One’s flexibility, support for multi-language and currencies really supports a global business.

Turina McClelland
Marketing Communications Specialist
Wagstaff Inc.

Configure One was able to meet all of our requirements. Knowing that they have some respected names in the specialty vehicle industry as customers reinforced our decision to go with them.

Greg Smith
VP Sales & Marketing
Talbert Manufacturing

Not only is Configure One a really good fit for our company, but it is also easy to use and maintain.

Andrew Scina
Sales Contracts Analyst

Configure One integrated with our ERP system has streamlined the entire CPQ process, leading to a reduction in the quote-to-order lead time and improved order accuracy.

Scott Ickes
Senior Director of Engineering
Waltco Lift Corp.

We were looking for a company with a good reputation and a track record of successful implementations. We were impressed with all the people we met from Configure One.

Todd Godredson
Regional Sales Manager
Prince Manufacturing Corp.

Streamlining the ensure CPQ process and improving accuracy by eliminating errors has resulted in shorter lead times and increased sales.

David Jerrell
VP of Corporate Information Systems
Porter Corp.

Configure One can do not only what we had in mind, but also things we hadn’t thought of.

Aaron Baker
Director of Engineering

A CPQ system is only part of the overall quote-to-production process, so Configure One’s ability to integrate with other business applications was a key consideration in our decision to select Configure One.

Dominick Pawlik
Product Line & Marketing Communication Manager
AEG Power Solution Group

By reducing our quote time from days to hours, Configure One has helped to increase both sales and profitability.

Timothy Good
General Manager
Good's Millwork

No longer will dealers have to call us to get a quote or place an order – they will be self-sufficient. Configure One will enable us to keep up with market changes and allow us to easily add new options or remove those that are no longer popular.

Rocki Shepard
President and CEO
Highway Equipment Company

Configure One really understood our needs and demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of how to configure our products.

Tom Gustafson
Chief Technology Officer
Hartzell Air Movement

All of the people we met from Configure One were first rate, and they have delivered on what they promised.

Kevin Stuart
VP Engineering

We couldn’t be happier with Configure One’s configurator solution. Their software is versatile and robust, and their people are very knowledgeable.

Mayur Thakkar
Business Excellence Manager
Motor Coach Industries

The Configure One Team is extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, and very responsive to our needs and suggestions.

Tim Woolley
Landscape Forms

Sumitomo started with 27 potential configurator vendors & chose Configure One because of their extensive experience with manufacturing companies.

Brian Perkins
IT Director
Sumitomo Drive

Configure One has enabled our manufacturing reps to reduce the time needed to produce a quote by 75% while improving quote accuracy.

Ray Galuska
VP of Sales & Marketing
Meyer & Sons, Inc.

Configure One allows us to be self-sufficient in product rule setup without compromising configurator capability and functionality.

Jeff Nofzinger
Haas Doors

Our unit shipments have increased 65% since the implementation of Configure One.

Eric Holstine
V.P., Technical Services
Smoke Guard, Inc.

Since our Configure One implementation, our order volume has gone up 30% without needing to increase our staff.

Pat Patterson
Chief Operating Officer
ColorTree, Inc.

We are growing and Configure One is one of the reasons for that. We have been able to accomplish this without adding additional staff and we are more efficient in how we manufacture the product.

Brian White
Vice President

Configure One is a great product with great functionality. Configure One has experienced staff who were always available to answer questions. Configure One continues to evolve and innovate with new releases, and is always developing new functionality.

David Niehaus
Vice President
Neihaus Inc.

We had great support from Configure One through the implementation process and beyond. Configure One allocated a dedicated project manager as our ‘go-to’ person. The advantage of this approach was that we dealt with one person that knew our company and our products.

Ryan Essenburg
Operations Director
Tommy Car Wash Systems

The people we met from Configure One were extremely helpful and very service-oriented. But in the end, it was the depth of functionality and the power of their product configurator that really made the difference.

Katherine Van Diepen
Director of Marketing Communications

Before Configure One our quote process would take three to ten days. Today we can turn around drawings and quotations in less than three days and our dealers can creating their own quotes in a matter of minutes.

Gil Garcia
Director of Sales Operations
Scranton Products

We found the people at Configure One very easy to work with. They were very flexible and always available to answer questions. When we had an issue, they always came up with a creative solution.

Bruce Fathers
Director of Marketing
Power Controls

Configure One has been an excellent partner. We continue to be impressed with how willing they are to listen, and how they continue to refine the software based on the suggestions of their customers.

Jennifer Naylor
Business Unit Manager

It’s been a very positive experience working with Configure One. Any issues that arose were addressed very quickly, and their support has been phenomenal. We treat the relationship as a partnership and they view it the same way. They always take our feedback very seriously and have incorporated some of our suggestions into the next version of Configure One.

Danielle Bliven
Internet Marketing