Configure One CPQ Solutions

Configure One’s CPQ (configure price quote) solution is an enterprise application that enables companies to efficiently sell and process orders for configurable, multi-option and customizable products and services. The configure price quote software includes the following functionality:


Configure One’s configurator is a powerful and fast application that allows for the efficient capture of rules for assemble-to-order, configure-to-order, and engineer-to-order product lines. Easy-to-use administrative screens allow marketers, engineers and product managers to implement the software and define product configuration rules quickly and without programming knowledge.


Configure One’s extensive pricing software and costing functionality helps you accurately model how to price or cost your products. Its price book functionality makes it easy to implement new pricing strategies. It also simplifies the challenges of variable pricing based on different end customers or levels of dealers.


Configure One’s powerful quote generator automatically creates professional-looking documents that greatly enhance your company’s image. In addition to product and pricing information, the quote can automatically insert pre-defined text into specific areas of a document based on features and options selected, and generate configuration-specific drawings and images inside quote documents.

Many of Configure One’s customers only use the standard CPQ functionality, but some companies, especially manufacturers of complex products, need much more. Configure One offers CPQ+™, a series of additional components that provide advanced CPQ functionality to cover the entire quote-to-production process.

Generation of Sales and Production Drawings

Configure One’s CPQ Plus™ solution eliminates bottlenecks and reduces your quote-to-production lead time by dynamically generating sales and production drawings as configurations are created. One technique for creating sales and approval drawings is to use Configure One’s Concept Real-Time 2D module. This visualization module provides configurator users with the ability to see the impact their product selections have on dynamically changing 2D drawings and images—all in real time.

Configure One’s CPQ solution is integrated with the leading CAD systems including PTC CREO (Pro/E), SolidWorks, and Inventor. Your sales team won’t have to wait for engineering to manual produce sales drawings, and your engineers – freed from mundane CAD work – can focus on product development and innovation. Not only is this electronic design automation functionality effective for creating sales drawings and approval drawings, but it can also help engineering and manufacturing by producing production drawings.

Generation of Bills of Material

With Configure One’s CPQ solution BOM generator, you can save time and reduce errors by automatically generating bills of material from configuration features and options. The BOM generator easily handles even the most complex and multi-level bills of material. To fill a new order fast, you won’t need to edit a similar order and perform manual additions and deletions on the bill of material.

Product Visualization

All too often, the first time a customer sees a product is when it shows up on the shipping dock or doorstep. Imagine the benefits of letting your customers see an exact image of that product, even before they commit to ordering or you start building it. Configure One’s CPQ solution contains several visualization options including:

3D Configurator

allows you to generate to-scale, photo-rendered, virtual 3D images on the fly.


Integration Capabilities

Configure One recognizes that a CPQ solution is only a part of the overall quote-to-production process. Integration with other business applications, such as CRM, CAD and ERP is essential to avoid duplicate data entry and to provide a smooth, seamless transition from the initial customer contact through to product delivery. Configure One provides several tools for business systems integration:

Standard integration modules

Configure One provides proven integration to many of the leading business applications including: NetSuite, JD Edwards, SAP, IFS, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud CRM, PTC Creo, SOLIDWORKS, and Inventor.

Connect integration modules

Configure One provides two different integration modules, Connect and Connect Advanced, to integrate Configure One’s CPQ solutions with existing ERP and CRM systems.

E-Commerce and E-Catalog

Configure One’s Web-based Electronic Catalog software called E-Catalog®, is easy to implement and easy to use. It’s fully integrated with Configure One’s CPQ solution providing a seamless configure price quote process for both configured and standard products.

Configure One’s E-Commerce® software is designed for use in conjunction with our configure price quote software and e-catalog products. It allows users to assemble a shopping cart of desired items and then take specific actions to include placing the order via credit card.

Multilingual & Multinational User Interface

Configure One’s CPQ solution allows you and your customers to conduct business worldwide with multilingual and multinational functionality. Configure One’s Multilingual module allows customers to present screens in their users’ local language. The functionality also provides the ability to produce documents such as proposals in different languages. In addition, Configure One’s CPQ software supports both single- and double-byte character sets. It also allows you to define currency, time zone preferences, and numeric entry format to align with local business standards.